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secretary of health care and human services under president george w. bush, thanks for being with us. >> good to see you. now for the rest of today's headlines, another u.s. drone strike is reportedly killed. eight suspected militants in pakistan, this happened near the afghan border earlier this morning, pakistani mornings-- southern drawl is coming out. pakistani officials say they struck a house, top officials were believed to be. tragedy in wyoming, three boy scouts, scout master and toddler after a head on collision. this is authority of thermopolis. is that the way you say that. the car they were travelling in veered into on joming traffic, a three-year-old inside that motor home was killed, four others injured. no word what cause that had accident. and former israeli prime minister shamir passed away, his family killed in the who will cot, known as a fighter in the jewish movement before he was prime minister in 1983. he served in office and massive airlift of ethiopians. and he won favor from the the u.s. for not attacking iraq. he was 96 years old. brand new video out of ka
to a recession under his successor, george h. w. bush and, the president is talking about a middle-out economic recovery and taxing the wealthy, what do you say. >> the whole model is wrong that obama has, if i may say, go back to jack kennedy the middle class is not at war and there is no reason to fight for the middle class. we are you all in this tub toge, john kennedy said no american is better off by pulling a fellow american down and we are made better off when any one of us is made better off and, ended with the famous line, a rising tide raises all boats and ronald reagan used that line in his campaign, how do you bring them up, it's not old versus young, black versus white, male versus female and we are all americans and you need to bring the prosperity back to everyone, it is not a war but a partnership and you don't do that by attacking the people who provide the jobs. >> clayton: you disagree with the tax proposal, here's president obama's tax proposal -- >> totally. >> clayton: we'll throw it on the screen, you can dive into the numbers, income over $380,000. it will go up to 39%.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)